Is there something interfering with your drug delivery?

Is your DEB
indicated for drug loading?

86 Publications
 3250 patients

10 years' experience

The gold-standard drug-eluting bead, DC Bead is supported by ten years’ experience, extensive preclinical work and a comprehensive clinical bibliography supporting safety and efficacy in both hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC)

Never assume another product will give you the same results as DC Bead

  • DC Bead and DC BeadM1 have drug-loading within their CE-Mark approved indication. Not all beads have this – find out more here
  • The chemistry of DC Bead and DC BeadM1 is unique – some other beads use a carboxylate binding group which has been shown to impede effective doxorubicin elution – find out more here
  • The evidence for DC Bead is compelling – never assume another product will give you the same results – see our bibliography here

Is your drug-eluting bead delivering?

The unique chemical structure of DC Bead was developed to reduce the toxicity associated with conventional TACE 1, 2 and to ensure a sustained and controlled release of doxorubicin at therapeutically meaningful levels. 1, 3
Remember that all drug-eluting beads are not the same – a different chemical structure impacts the performance characteristics of the bead, including the control and efficiency of the doxorubicin release.4, 5, 6

What factors in a bead’s chemistry impact doxorubicin delivery?

Type of bond

DC Bead uses a sulfonate binding group – studies have shown that beads which use a carboxylate binding group may not deliver doxorubicin as effectively as DC Bead, with some drug remaining trapped in the bead 3,4

Frequency of bond

It’s not just the type of binding points that’s important, but how many there are. If there are too few:

  • The prescribed dose might not completely load
  • The release may be uncontrolled an elude too quickly risking toxicity and compromising sustained elution


Reduce toxicity - Extensive studies confirm the tolerability benefits of DC Bead in clinical use. 7


86 publications
>3250 patients


25 publications
>600 patients
Click here to access full bibliography

Efficacy – Histological data confirm that DC Bead elutes doxorubicin at therapeutically relevant levels for over 30 days 3, supporting demonstrated clinical benefits. 7

Your choice of DC Bead is an evidence-based decision

  • Unique, clinically proven sulfonate drug-binding and release mechanism 1,2,3,7
  • Published doxorubicin and irinotecan elution curves 1,8
  • Histological data confirming sustained and controlled release in vivo 3
  • Pharmacokinetic data demonstrate low systemic toxicity 2,9,10
  • CE Mark approved indication statement includes loading with doxorubicin and irinotecan
If your choice of bead is different, what evidence do you have?
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